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Micro Heat Exchanger
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Micro Heat Exchanger

Strengths of Tokyo Titanium are extra-fine tube manufacturing, precise welding technology and accumulating know-how.

Micro Heat Exchanger
Tokyo Titanium has succeeded in developing the Ti micro shell and tube heat exchanger with 2mm ID and t0.3mm, which is generally difficult to weld by TIG welding.

Micro Heat Exchanger
Compared to conventional heat exchangers, the effectiveness of our Ti heat exchanger is excellent and less installation space is required.

Micro Heat Exchanger
Internal structure

T0.3mm ultra-thin tubes are adopted.
Tokyo Titanium has developed a high efficiency technology by processing 0.3mm extremely thin titanium with thin walled tubes of 2mm ID. For instance, our 50A type heat exchanger includes 223 pipes.

Capability of manufacturing an ultrafine titanium pipe without changing the properties of the inner hole is necessary. Based on such technology, Tokyo Titanium has advanced development on various products.