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Advanced processing technology of titanium based on our over thirty years of knowledge since 1982.

Tokyo Titanium, which specializes in producing titanium products, has released various commodities into the market. With the know-how we have accumulated, we constantly challenge ourselves to create new products. As for the design, our engineers are in charge of composing the technical drawings, with a clear sense of cost reduction. Examples of our technologies and designs are outlined below.

Micro Heat Exchanger

Our developed products are created in combination with ultraprecise pipe and welding technology.

Special technique is required to weld without damaging the 2mm OD hole.
It is difficult to weld tubes and tube sheets without dissolving the t0.3mm tube.
In case of a 50A heat exchanger, the welding speed has to be carefully controlled since tube temperature changes from the beginning of the process through the middle and end.


Pomp Casing

Material~Process~ Development: our coherent system achieves the product.

Considering welding distortion, an adjustment process is implemented to avoid exceeding dimensional tolerance.

  • We use welding clamps on necessary parts to minimize distortion so that our products are manufactured as shown in the blueprint.
  • We draw a blueprint according to our customers' requests, suggesting the best solution.


ECM Electrode

High-precision technology of manufacturing ultraprecise pipe achieves the product.

Fabrication technology of Ti pipe ranging from 0.8~4.3mm in diameter
The pipe end can be machined without deteriorating the process.
The angle of the electrode edge is adequately processed.
The burring process inside is unnecessary on our electrode.